p1140171Today’s painting of a loch in Coigach near Achiltibuie in the North West of Scotland. (I was visiting friends there before the trip to the Hebrides with poet Louise Palfreyman).

Also (below) the base for ‘Damascus Rose 2’, next in the series of three. I’ll be blocking out lines to reflect a map of Damascus, then overlaying with textured black and removing the blocking to reveal these tones underneath, though I can see other possibilities in this, and see the vague figures of a horse and two figures crossing a plain in sunset, but I’ll stick to the plan hopefully –

p1140158The highly textured look of the Achiltibuie landscape at the top of this post is due to using my palette as the base – something I do quite often since I usually paint on wood, so I’ll use a spare wood panel as a palette, then if it starts to look interesting I’ll work on bringing out a painting from it. Here’s another one I did last year which remained semi abstract…


'East Coast'. Mixed media on 10x10" wood panel

‘East Coast’. Mixed media on 10×10″ wood panel










And two photos of my palettes from today …

p1140174 p1140178





Someone posted a link to ‘famous artist’s paint palettes’ on facebook the other day – ( )  so I amused myself by trying to guess which artist each palette belonged to, here they are, have a guess! (artist’s names below the images at the end of this post) …

Niemeyer 451























  1. Cy Twombly
  2. Edgar Degas
  3. Francis Bacon

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