Snowscapes Day 4












One of today’s paintings, veering more abstract, I may add some subtle pen and ink lines suggesting branches or ferns. It slightly reminds me of the background of an Arthur Rackham illustration, minus fairies/elves etc.

Also a series of even smaller snowscapes – the shrinking snowscapes!..

P12903221P1290310 P1290318 P1290307P1290321










They range from 3.5 inches square to just 3 inches – here’s one below at 3×3 with ten pence next to it so you get an idea of size. The light was fading fast as I photographed them so they’re a little fuzzy but it gives the idea..






I have Christmas gifts in mind with these smaller ones, but also they’re handy as studies for larger paintings. I’ll be selling a few this Saturday at a fair in Portobello, I hope the locals like them!

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