Borders Country Day 12

'Blue Canoe (River Tweed)'. Acrylic on 10x10" wood panel

‘Blue Canoe (River Tweed)’. Acrylic on 10×10″ wood panel

Today’s painting –  a blue canoe on the River Tweed.

This is probably the last in the series of smaller studies for the upcoming Borders Country exhibition The Green Woods Free. Today’s painting features again our family canoe. I won’t give the name away of the person rowing, but he’s the son of a friend who took to canoeing like a duck to water!

The canoe itself is quite vintage, my dad built it back in the mists of time, and it’s still going strong. It’s more difficult to capsize (a good thing since both my dad and I are hopeless swimmers!)

Despite my instinctive fear of falling into deep water, I still love being in boats; boats of all sizes, whether ferries, speed boats or our humble canoe. It’s so peaceful.

There are still 8 paintings (including the one above) available from the small paintings of the Borders on wood viewable Here) I’m now tackling work on bigger canvas. Wish me luck!


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