Lindisfarne and Early Celtic Christianity

Statue of St Aidan at Lindisfarne Priory

Statue of St Aidan at Lindisfarne Priory

If you’re interested in early Celtic Christianity, and in discovering why the pilgrims and pioneers built monasteries on remote and isolated islands in the 7th century AD, you’ll find tomorrow’s blog post fascinating.

As mentioned in a previous blog, while on Lindisfarne I met with Jamie Cossar, a friend of the family for many years, who joined the Aidan and Hilda Community on Lindisfarne a year ago.

In the interview, Jamie answers many questions about the lives and personalities of Aidan and Hilda, what they did and why they came to the island. Jamie also talks very movingly about his own experience of the island, and how living with the island’s seasons and tides enhances his faith.

I’ll post this tomorrow, alongside the third of my Lindisfarne series on canvas (the rest of the paintings will be small works on wood)

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