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'Postcard From ...' banner. (Created by Adam Brewster, 2020)

‘Postcard From …’

Above, the page banner for my new project;  ‘Postcard From …’ which features artworks from artist members of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) during the Covid19 pandemic.

As you can see there are several so far, more artworks to come (see some of the paintings below) …

I’m excited that we now have 60 new members to the group! It’s been so uplifting to see these beautiful artworks as they come in – each so different from the last. Many expressing a wish to be in the great outdoors, some capture the sense of quiet just now due to ‘social distancing’.

All the paintings (see below) are £50 or under for now, then they’ll be featured as part of Art North’s ‘projectroom2020’, which is also set up to support self employed artists, or artists on a low income, during Covid. Details still to be decided but possibly we’ll create an auction of any works that haven’t yet sold once the ‘Postcard From…’ exhibition is added to Projectroom2020.

In other words, now’s your chance to buy small, original artworks by some of Scotland’s most talented artists for £50 or less! So if you like the look of the paintings below, log in to the Facebook page on the link below and contact the artists from there …

Postcard From …

I’ll update about projectroom2020 in a few days. Keep well folks! Some paintings below from ‘Postcard From …’