Battersea Art Fair – March

Above, Battersea Art Fair 2018.

I’m looking forward to showing at the Battersea Art Fair this year (courtesy of the Limetree Gallery). It’s held in southwest London, and if you’re there this March it should be worth a visit. It’s always well-attended with an excellent diversity of paintings, curated by 100+ invited galleries. The fair began in 1999, and is particularly popular as the works are priced between £100 to £6,000.

All info/address/tickets on this link: Battersea Affordable Art Fair, Spring 2019 

I’m showing my new ‘planets series’ painting –  ‘Jupiter’, also a few works from my Winter ‘Iona series’ too (below), wish them luck! I’m not sure yet what price the Limetree will put on these two, but it will be somewhere between £1700 and £2500, at a guess. The Fair runs from the 7th to 10th March.

The Limetree Gallery’s selection of works can be viewed on this link – Limetree Gallery, Battersea Art Fair

‘Planets Series. Jupiter’. Mixed media on 40×40″ wood panel. Rose Strang 2019









‘October Tide. Isle of Iona’. Mixed media on 30×30 ” wood panel. Rose Strang 2018. £1450









‘Marram Grass, Isle of Iona’. Mixed media on 10×10″ wood panel. Rose Strang 2018 (£450)

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