Iona – finished series

The complete Iona series, above.

Finished at last! All I have to do now is varnish the rockpool paintings and the largest ‘Sound of Iona’ painting, wait a couple of days for them to dry and post them to the Limetree Gallery, Bristol, where they’ll be part of a three-person exhibition launching on the 15th September. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll drop in to have a look.

A touch of varnish will add lustre to the vivid colours of some of the paintings, though some will be left as they are.

I’m quite happy with the series and I’ll work on a couple more for the Resipole Gallery in Acharacle, for their Autumn exhibition which launches this September (will add more info when I have exact dates). Just for fun I’ll be travelling to Acharacle in the west Highlands to deliver them in person – it’s a beautiful area and it will be nice to enjoy what’s left of the summer weather.

That’s it until the next series, which will be for the Resipole, then more paintings for the Limetree at this year’s Edinburgh Art Fair, and for their Christmas show – both exhibitions in November.

The ‘Wells of Arthur’s Seat’ series will also be on show at the Citadel Bookshop, Edinburgh as part of the Colony of Artists show this September

4 thoughts on “Iona – finished series

  1. rosestrang Post author

    Thank you Liza, it’s good to hear your response – I try to paint the feeling of being there so it’s lovely you find them evocative x



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