Iona day 15

  1. Another painting for the new Iona series for the Limetree Gallery. It’s fairly traditional but the subject asked for that I think.

It’s of the bay near the pier outside the Argyll Hotel which is one of my favourite new hangouts on the island!

I’m settling into island life a bit, enjoying the social scene here in many ways – I like the inter connectedness. I’ve been chatting to someone called David Galloway – an artist who grew up here, left for art college then returned. I can totally understand why.

It’s mid season, so folks working with the public are experiencing the full onslaught of tourism – Iona is ever popular because of the abbey, but by early evening most day trippers are gone and there’s a peace here.

I may come back next month for a shorter trip – I’ve really only scratched the surface here, art-wise. On Iona, more than any other place, I really want to express my response to the landscape. It’s a challenge though, painting here, -outdoor life is tiring for a fragile city-dweller such as myself- the changes in weather in particular – ( I know, toughen up Rose!).

Here’s my ‘settlement’ ..

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