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Birch Forest (2)

Birch Trees, Gifford. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood. 2012.

A painting of Birch Trees at Gifford, to represent the confusing forest of arts promotion!

Working as a freelance artist, or any sort of freelancer, involves a lot of promoting, which is entirely necessary but does tend to take up a huge amount of time that could be spent painting.

So it’s very encouraging if someone enjoys your work and offers to promote it, which poet/artist/writer Rania M Watts recently did by interviewing me for her blog.

You can read Rania’s interview with me on this link – Interview

Rania has had (and has!) an interesting life – she was born in Beirut, Lebanon just one year before the civil war broke out, which meant that her family emigrated to Canada when she was two years old.

She later pursued a career in social work, alongside exploring many creative avenues, most recently focusing on music journalism and arts promotion, through her blog Cement Covered Quills. I met Rania through a friend, the musician Rupert Cheek, who is one of the best musical improvisers I’ve encountered, and a talented composer. You can listen to some of his work Here on Soundcloud

Sincere thanks Rania M Watts for her interest and support!

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