The big one..

'Rum from Laig Bay'. Acrylic on 40x30" canvas

‘Rum from Laig Bay’. Acrylic on 40×30″ canvas

This latest work is for the upcoming exhibition next week (on the 18th July 6-9pm at Whitespace, 25 Howe Street, Edinburgh) it’s about 3.5 by 2.5 feet. Quite a physical effort compared to the recent 5×5 inch series! I’ve huffed and puffed over this one and think it’s almost there…

And this is a smaller work on 20×16″ canvas


‘Boat in Pier Bay, Eigg’. Acrylic and ink on 20×16″ canvas

Also if you’re interested, here’s an article on ‘how to paint the sea’ which I was invited to write for Art –

I hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful sunshine. It’s just as well the UK light lasts until 9pm since I need all the light I can get to finish this latest series! I’m feeling more into the swing of it now, as usually happens about halfway through.

I’ll be sending a catalogue of all new works/prices/dimens’ etc for the exhibition to former buyers on the 16th July – what’s known as ‘first refusal’, for those who’ve bought work before.


There’s no obligation to buy obviously, but if any previous buyers are interested in originals or prints for the exhibition they have the opportunity to reserve works.

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